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Coated Films For Flex Pack Applications
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  • Soft Matte Films
  • Any–Pak Release Liner
  • Fiber Reinforced Bag Envelope & Sealing Tapes
  • Bag Handle Reinforced Tapes

  • Rayven Flex Pack Application
    Rayven can supply many types of coated films for flexible packaging applications. We offer Soft matte coated films, Handle reinforcing PSA films, Narrow slit release liners, Patented transfer adhesive tapes.
    All offer a high degree of customization with reasonable quantity order sizes, yet our high speed production can also yield economical large quantity runs.

    Rayven has the ability to coat thin plastic films down to approximately 48 gauge (12um), and thick films up to 25 Mils (635um). Packaging films are coated in widths up to 72". We have a total of six (6) coating lines and operate two(2) manufacturing facilities. Printed and slit to narrow widths.

    Soft Matte Films

    Rayven produces matte coated films for the flexible packaging market. These films are typically used as protective laminate in flexible packaging constructions.
    Soft Matte Films More Info...

    Bag Handle Reinforcing Tapes

    Rayven produces durable anti-tear tapes for the reinforcement of poly bags OR other forms of packaging.
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    Markets & End Products That Use Our Films:

    • Small — Flexible Pouch (Coffee, Confectionery, Candy, Granola)
    • Large — Flexible Pouch (Pet Care, Lawn & Garden)
    • Large — Poly bags (Salt Bags, Lawn & Garden)
    • Envelope and Poly bag sealing systems (Mailing Envelopes, Bank Bags)


      Rayven's primary substrates used for Packaging Products include:
    • Polyester
    • Polyethylene
    • Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene


      Coatings utilized for Packaging Applications include:
    • Soft touch matte
    • Silicone releases of all types
    • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
    • Functional coatings for various characteristics (COF, matte, gloss, color tint, etc...)