Double Coated Tape with Scrim Carrier

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Rayven Double Coated Tape with Scrim Carrier
The mesh scrim adds extra support to the adhesive, yet it remains flexible and conformable. When applying these double sided tapes; the scrim will allow the adhesive to cleanly and completely transfer to uneven surfaces.

The scrim tapes in this line are based on solvent free acrylic adhesives with a layer of PES/PVA scrim imbedded within. The (PES/PVA) scrim is made from polyester treads that are lightly bonded with a polyvinyl resin.

These scrims are available in both square and tri-axial configurations.

Rayven Tri-axial Scrim Tapes

Typical uses for mesh scrim tapes are the permanent bonding of:

As you can see, the everyday use of Double-sided tapes with scrim carrier available.

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