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    Scrim tapes

    Double coated scrim tape is a high tack, clear polyester (PES/PVA) scrim tape.   ; The scrim is coated on both sides with a solvent free water base modified acrylic adhesive. The adhesive system of this double coated tape has excellent tack combined with a high adhesive strength, and will bond well to nearly all materials; even to difficult surfaces like low energy surface substrates, foams, PE and PP films.

    Also used for permanent bonding of various materials such as fabrics, wallboard, plastic, vinyl stair treads, metal and wood surfaces. It has excellent temperature, UV, aging, and water vapor resistance and its thin characteristic makes it suitable for low-relief laminations. Also used to laminate foams and films. Acrylic adhesive provides long term performance and its scrim reinforcement provides for improved lay down.
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    Transfer tapes

    Rayven manufactures custom transfer adhesives, sometimes called transfer tapes. These adhesives are coated on one (self wound) or two release liners.Transfer tape is placed on weeded vinyl images still on the original carrier liner; the tack of the tape is stronger than the adhesion of the vinyl to the coated liner, so the image is pulled off the liner in a transfer to another surface.
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    Fiber Reinforced Tape - Bag Sealing

    Rayven Fiber Reinforced Bag Sealing Tape or FRT products are transfer tapes that are commonly used for bag and envelope sealing. Our unique fiber reinforced technology offers a cost effective product in very long traverse wound spools.
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    Custom Adhesive Tapes

    Rayven offers custom self adhesive tapes. Rayven custom tapes cover a wide range of substrate materials from film; polyester to nylon, lamination metal foil, with adhesives with infinite selection of custom tape constructions available.
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