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  • 92 Gauge PET Film

    Rayven’s high-performance 92 gauge fiber-reinforced tape will form a solid bond adding structural and higher tensile strength to your end application or direct-to-consumer packaging.

  • Rayven – Custom Manufacturer of Flexible Packaging Film, Release Liners, and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Products

    Rayven is a leading manufacturer and supplier of many different types of custom film, tape, adhesive and release liner products.

    silver roll with purple and grey layers
    Fiber reinforced finger lift tape - 2 red rolls

    Rayven’s Converting & Coating Services

    Rayven is an industry leader in toll/contract coating, converting services like sheeting and slitting, flexographic printing, and complete coating and shipping solutions, with extensive manufacturing capabilities, along with vast experience and knowledge of materials, processes, and chemistries.

    Red coating line
    Thin red rolls on slitter

    Markets Served by Rayven

    Rayven’s customers are in a variety of markets and industries, and there are many applications that are well served by Rayven’s products and services. Some of the top markets served by Rayven are shown below.