Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Yellow hot melt adhesive cubes

Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Rayven’s innovative hot-melt adhesives are serving functional responsibilities across many diverse market segments. A hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) can be applied via roll coating, slot-die, bead, multi-bead, or swirl coated. Rayven has the experience and technology to apply their adhesive by direct coating or transfer coating onto the substrate or liner.  Rayven can supply a silicone-coated release liner to complement any hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive need. Standard methods are roll coating, slot-die, bead, multi-bead, and spray-swirl coating. Rayven’s unique blends are available for low surface energy and PVC films. End-use application methods for hot melt adhesive vary with the type of material being coated and the desired coating thickness or pattern. Rayven’s hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) can be matched to the various substrates and multiple surfaces. Rayven offers variations to their coat weights and can pattern their adhesive to fit specific manufacturing needs.

Hot Melt PSA Key Features

  • High initial tack and adhesion
  • Quick in achieving ultimate adhesion
  • Great for recycled corrugated cardboard application
  • Suitable for application on rough, fatty and moist surface substrates
  • Excellent for low temperature application

Applications for Hot Melt PSA

  • Industrial
  • Automotive

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