Flexographic Printing

Thin rolls of metalized printed liner

Flexographic Printing for Release Liners

Rayven has the manufacturing capability to offer custom printed release liners via in-line corona treating and single-color flexographic printing. Rayven utilizes four coating lines that are dedicated to silicone release liner coating, uniquely configured to meet customer specifications. Most of Rayven’s coating lines feature corona treatment and single-color flexographic printing. Release liners can be printed on the backside or the front side under the silicone.

Custom branded release liners can also be offered. Rayven can produce custom liners with a specific company name, logo, verbiage and brand color. A custom printed, branded release liner is a unique way to build product recognition and enhance user experience.

Rayven’s release liner products have been a trusted choice of industry-leading manufacturers for over 40 years. Its team is recognized as a company that takes the voice of its customer seriously, turning their requirements into reality. Their team continues to explore new ways to expand its product offering and adhesive solutions.

To request a quote or inquire about release liner flexographic printing services, please contact Rayven.