Toll Coating / Contract Coating

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Toll Coating / Contract Coating Services

Rayven offers custom coating, sometimes referred to as toll coating, to customer specifications. This process can be done in several different configurations.

Toll Coating with Customer Supplied Substrates

In this case, Rayven can supply one of its standard surface, adhesive, silicone, or release coatings to substrate provided by the customer. The substrate can be almost any roll wound web, such as film, paper, foil, fabric, wood veneer, etc. Due to its niche emphasis in the inkjet printing market, Rayven performs many toll coating with inkjet receptive coatings onto the customer’s unique substrates.

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Contract Coating with Customer Supplied Coatings

Rayven can source a substrate and apply the customer’s coating to it. This situation usually occurs when the customer has developed a unique coating and does not have the production tools or capacity to run it.

Customer Supplies All Materials for Coating Service

Rayven will do the coating work to specifications using all materials provided by the customer.

To request a quote or inquire about toll coating services, please contact Rayven.