About Rayven

Rayven logoRayven is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with over 60 years of experience manufacturing custom silicone release liners and pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) products. Rayven has two manufacturing plants: one in St. Paul, Minnesota and the other in Owatonna, Minnesota. Rayven is an industry leader and has many capabilities that include coating (silicone and PSA), converting and packaging.

Rayven is part of the Duraco family of companies. Duraco Specialty Tapes LLC is a leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive tapes and specialty materials. The Duraco family of companies are a portfolio company of Open Gate Capital.

Rayven’s film and substrates are SQF Certified, meeting the highest global food safety standards. Rayven seeks to ensure customers receive the best quality products and earned SQF Certification to guarantee their innovations fulfill every industry, customer, and regulatory requirement. Learn More

In December of 2021, Rayven was acquired by Duraco Specialty Tapes LLC, an OpenGate Capital portfolio company, and leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive tapes and specialty materials. Rayven was one of four total portfolio companies purchased by Duraco since 2020, and is now part of the Duraco Specialty Materials family of companies. Duraco Specialty Materials comprises three innovative business units, Duraco Direct, Duraco Specialty Films & Labels, and Duraco Specialty Coatings & Release Liner. The integration of these companies advances Rayven’s mission to expand into other industries and complement its overall product offering.

To learn more about these innovative and complementary companies, please review the company descriptions below and click on the links to be directed to their websites.

Duraco logoConveniently located in Forest Park, IL, Duraco’s headquarters is the heart of quality manufactured products and efficient distribution. As a leading manufacturer and supplier with over 65 years of knowledge and experience, we exist to help companies find specialty tape solutions for their desired application. From the beginning of design conception to the end of production, you can count on our team of experts. We have positioned ourselves to ensure your experience is timeless as we provide innovative adhesive solutions and top-quality customer service. We’re ready to be the one-stop-shop that meets all your adhesive needs.

Visit the Duraco website.

Filmquest logoFilmquest Group is the largest merchant converter of polyester films in the USA, supplying the market exclusively with Questar® brand polyester films, complemented with a full range of value-added products. Questar® Polyester Films portfolio includes PET films, Metalized PET films, and Coated films. Questar® brand coated films include Soft Touch matte, no gloss matte, high barrier, heat sealable, anti-fog, shrink, anti-static, polymer pigmented, PCR, tactile, and Nanoshield® clear high barrier film.

Visit Filmquest’s website.

Infinity Tapes logoAt Infinity Tapes, we are very proud to provide our customers with the highest quality products and customer service. We are a U.S. manufacturer of Double Coated Tapes, Adhesive Transfer Tapes, Tamper Evident Films & Tapes, and Silicone Coated Papers & films. We have the capability to provide custom solutions in formulation and conversion to meet your specific application needs.

Visit the Infinity Tapes website.


3 Sigma logo3 Sigma is one of the most versatile manufacturers in the pressure sensitive adhesives industry. Product lines include custom labels, custom tape, custom release liners, transfer tape/adhesives, double-sided tape, single-sided tape, circle coupons, and tamper evident tape/labelstock. 3 Sigma is one of the few companies that offer hot-melt, emulsion, and solvent-based adhesive technologies under one roof, along with various coating capabilities.

Visit 3 Sigma’s website for more information.



StrataTac logoStrata-Tac is a leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive self-adhesive products and top coated films, delivering a wide range of products to the converting market, combining various face stocks, coatings, adhesives, and liners since 1995.

Visit the StrataTac website.


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