Converting Services (Sheeting, Slitting)

Thin red rolls on slitter

Converting Services

Rayven offers complete converting services that include slitting and sheeting. Rayven can slit films, papers, foils, and pressure-sensitive tapes and laminations with thicknesses from .50 MIL to 30 MIL.  Maximum roll width and outside diameter (OD) vary by material. The converting services department is flexible and responsive to ever-changing customer needs.

Sheet & Bulk Packaging

After the product is coated and converted, Rayven has many packaging options to recommend, from custom-built boxes to individual product bagging. Packaging options can include “Box it,” “Bag it,” or “Wrap it” for both retail and commercial customers. Rayven strives to accommodate and be responsive to meet converting needs.

To request a quote or inquire about converting services, please contact Rayven.