Rayven’s Coating & Manufacturing Facilities

Rayven Saint Paul MN facilitySaint Paul, Minnesota Factory

Coating Capabilities:

  • Release Coatings— silicone and non-silicone
  • Inkjet Coatings — desktop and wide format, gloss matte, water-resistant, etc.
  • Adhesives — pressure-sensitive in both solvent and water-based
  • Adhesive Laminating — film/film and film/paper
  • Thermal Adhesives
  • Functional Top coatings — slip, traction, laser, copier, print prime
  • Printing — flood coatings and/or single color flexography printing
  • Corona Treatment — on all coating lines

Coating Equipment:

  • 54″ Wide Coating/Laminating line — 3 coating heads
  • 56″ Wide Coating/Laminating line — dual-layer coating capabilities
  • 60″ Silicone Coating line — back printing
  • 2 – High-Speed Hot Melt Coating lines

Coating Methods:

  • Meyer Rod
  • Direct Gravure
  • Offset Gravure
  • Slot Die
  • Flexographic

Coating Development & Mixing

  • Full Development Lab (lots of toys)
  • Mixing (hot, cold, high shear, low shear, and milling)

Converting Capabilities

  • 2 – Sheeters, yielding almost any sheet size
  • 2 – Computer controlled guillotine cutters for precise trimmed sheets
  • 4 – Slitters that can handle a wide variety of materials UP TO 63″ wide and Slit DOWN TO 1/4″ wide
  • Slitting methods include razor, score, and shear
  • Slitting types include center wind, surface wind, and minimum gap
  • Traverse winding of narrow slit materials

Rayven Saint Paul MN facilityOwatonna, Minnesota Factory

Coating Equipment:

  • 65″ wide thermal coating/laminating line with 2–cartridge coating heads, flexo back print and a re-moisturizer
  • 72″ high speed silicone coating line with back printing
  • 63″ gravure coater

Converting Capabilities:

  • 4 – Slitters that can handle a wide variety of materials UP TO 72″ wide and Slit DOWN TO 1/4″ wide. (Rayven will commonly slit films, PSA laminations, tapes, coated fabrics, coated mesh, film/foil, papers, and non-wovens.)
  • Roll winding machine for inkjet and laminating film rolls from 2″ to 60″ wide
  • Slitting methods include razor, score, and shear
  • Slitting types include center wind, surface wind, and minimum gap
  • Traverse winding of narrow slit materials

Coating Capabilities:

  • Release Coating — Silicone and non-silicone. Release coatings are important components of pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) products
  • Printing — Flood coatings and/or single-color flexography printing
  • Corona Treatment — on all coating lines. As a result, the materials treated will demonstrate improved printing and coating quality, and stronger lamination strength

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