Custom Tape, Adhesives, Packaging Film and Release Liner Products

Rayven is a leading manufacturer and supplier of many different types of custom products and services, including packaging film/soft matte film, release liners, self-adhesive tape, transfer adhesives, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs), and other related products.

Store aisle with three different soft matte film packaging examples

Flexible Packaging Film / Soft Matte Film

silver roll with purple and grey layers

Release Liners

Fiber reinforced finger lift tape - 2 red rolls

Fiber Reinforced Finger Lift Tape

Grey bag with reinforced tape purple handle

Bag Handle Reinforcement Tape

Two white tape rolls with transfer adhesives

Transfer Tapes & Transfer Adhesives

Lab pouring yellow liquid into a beaker for self-adhesive tapes

Custom Self–Adhesive Tapes

Pattern coating black and white with vertical stripes on a web

Zone & Pattern Adhesives Coating

Yellow hot melt adhesive cubes

Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

To request a quote or inquire about any tape, film or adhesive products, please contact Rayven.