Flexible Packaging

Retail shelf, 3 soft matte film packaging products on right side

Flexible Packaging Film and Highly Durable Soft Matte Film for Packaging Markets

Rayven is a Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified manufacturer of soft touch matte films serving the flexible packaging market. These films are typically used as a protective laminate by packaging companies in their manufacturing process for bags and pouches. Rayven can coat a variety of different films such as 48- 200 gauge PET (polyester), PVdC PET, PCR PET, Nylon PET and MDO-PE.

Rayven offers both a “Soft Matte” finish and an “Ultra Soft Matte” version – any printed product will be enhanced by this tactile feel. “Feeling is believing” with these products. Additional benefits include excellent scuff, scratch and burnishing resistance, superior ink and adhesive adhesion and non yellowing properties.

Popular markets for soft matte flexible packaging include:

  • Luxury Packaging
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pet Food
  • Coffee Bags
  • Cannabis Bags
  • Snack Bags
  • Labels
  • Book Covers

To request a quote or inquire about flexible packaging / soft matte film, please contact Rayven.