Zone & Pattern Adhesives Coating

Pattern coating black and white with vertical stripes on a web

Zone and Pattern Coating Adhesives

Rayven can apply coatings or pressure sensitive adhesives in zones, patterns, or stripes down the film on foam, non-woven, or paper through various zone coating techniques. This configuration is often used for labels or adhesive tags. It can also be used to make tapes with uncoated edges or margins. Rayven has experience with zone coating adhesives onto various substrates: polyester, polypropylene foam, and non-woven materials are commonly used. All zone-coated projects are by nature custom.

Pattern Coating Adhesives

When a pattern of coating or adhesive is required, both cross web and down the web, an engraved gravure cylinder can be used to “print” the adhesive or coating. Almost any repetitive pattern of coating or adhesive can be offered. Common patterns are squares, circles, dots, bars, and grids.

Embossing can also be utilized to give three-dimensional patterns in coated pressure-sensitive adhesive. This is often a solution for eliminating air entrapment in film labels. Many different coatings and substrates lend themselves to these coating techniques.

To request a quote or inquire about zone and pattern coating adhesives, please contact Rayven.