Release liner peeling off a green electronics product


Rayven’s electronic release liners are composed of non-silicone release agents due to the undesirable effect silicone can have on electronics. These high-performing release liners prevent the material from sticking together until the electronics components are entirely placed into the end application. Rayven’s experienced team can help choose the right silicone system and release level for the customer’s end application. Rayven’s coating chemistries include solvent, solvent-free, UV, and thermally curable silicones that can be modified to enhance friction and release performance further.

Anti-Static Solutions

Rayven can also assist with anti-static release requirements with innovative release liners  that are free of migrating additives that function at high humidity levels.

  • Superior functionality at the end-user
  • Decrease risk of static discharge during the manufacturing process
  • Decrease the chance of attracting debris during the application process

To request a quote or inquire for release liners for electronics, please contact Rayven.