Rayven’s Any-Pak Release Liner

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Rayven AnyPak Release Liners
"Any-Pak" release liner was created with the packaging industry in mind and is ideal for plastic bags, mailing envelopes, pouches and security bags.

This release liner is constructed using a 2–mil Polypropylene substrate with a silicone release coating that works well with Hot melt and liquid PSA adhesives. The liner includes the printed message "Remove to Expose Adhesive" on the backside.

The major benefit of the "Any-Pak" release liner is that it is packaged and ready to ship within 24 hours from the time of order. Currently, Any-Pak liner is stocked in 4 popular widths of: 1.0", 1.25", 1.5", and 1.75" all at 12,000 feet in length. Other sizes is available on a custom order basis.

"Rayven has been selling release liners to the packaging industry since day one, but Rayven decided to take it to the next level by having a finished product in stock. This should reduce Lead-times by Up to 4 weeks," explains Rick Mercado, Director of Sales - Rayven Inc.

Rayven will continue to offer NEW & IMPROVED products to meet our customers' needs. We strive to be flexible and responsive to your changing corporate needs.

Please Contact us to place your order for "Any–Pak" Release liner and take advantage of our prompt 24 hours shipping.