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    Rayven offers Custom self adhesive label materials. Rayven's label stocks cover a wide range of base materials, top coatings, adhesives and liners. The possible combinations are only limited by our customers needs and imaginations.

    Some of the Substrates that we commonly work with are:
    • FILMS: Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Tedlar, Tyvek, Nomex, Vinyl (PVC), Styrene, Nylon, Metalized films, and others.

    • PAPERS: Kraft, Poly-coated, Glassine, Vellum, Fine papers, Cotton papers, Technical papers.

    • OTHERS: Poly foams (both open and closed cell), Metal foils, Non-woven fabrics, Woven fabrics, etc.

    Functional top coatings are available to enhance performance of the label stock. These coatings include solutions for Inkjet, Laser, Thermal, and various Traditional printing methods. The available Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) are almost limitless. Rayven can coat both solvent and water based chemistries. Rayven's customers can specify their adhesive of choice, or our chemists can recommend a possible solutions.

    Some of the adhesive types available from Rayven include: Acrylic, Rubber, Synthetic rubber, and Hybrid blends.

    Features such as tack, adhesion, shear, clarity, color, chemical resistence, fuel resistence, removability, and repositionability, can be addressed.

    Rayven Custom Adhesive Label Materials

    — The release liner, OR backing, is another area where Rayven can offer assistance with a wide range of "off the shelf" options and solutions. Rayven apply release coatings "in house" so we are not limited to standard release liner types.

    — COMMON: release liners for label applications include; various weight clay coated papers, poly coated papers, polyester films, and biaxially orientated polypropylene films. The release liner can be offered with backside printing, flood coatings, traction coatings, and/or anti-static coatings.

    — WIDTHS: available Up to 55 inches (1400mm). Rayven can slit label materials down to as narrow as 1/4"(6.35mm), although slit widths for label materials typically range in the 6" to 18" range. Master rolls can currently be supplied UP to 32 inches in diameter, and slit rolls UP to 24 inches in diameter.

    As you can see, there are a limitless selections of Custom Label Stock constructions. Contact Rayven's Sales Department to discuss your custom label stock needs today.