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  • About Rayven, Inc:

    Rayven Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with over 60 years of experience manufacturing custom silicone release liners and PSA products. Founded in 1954, we have grown from one coating line for producing polyester label stock,to 2 manufacturing plants; one in St. Paul, Minnesota and our newest facility in Owatonna, Minnesota.

    Today, Rayven Inc. is an industry leader and has many capabilities that set us apart from others in the market. Our capabilities include coating (silicone and PSA), converting and packaging which allows us to be your "Complete Solution" Rayven can supply finished material ranging from letter sized sheets to slit rolls of all sizes.

    Rayven ReproFilm History

    Mission Statement:

    Rayven Inc. is committed to providing our customers with both excellence in product and service. We recognize that exceeding our customer's expectations is the ultimate measure of our success. Rayven Inc. will continue to strive to improve our daily business processes through continuous improvement and the empowerment of our employees and business partners.

    History of Rayven:

    Rayven Inc. was founded by Mr. Gerry Ingalls in 1954 and is now a second generation family owned business. Mr. Ingalls’ background was in the caulking and mastic business, and he was intrigued with the new (at the time) pressure sensitive adhesives. At this time DuPont had developed Mylar (polyester) film and Mr. Ingalls had an idea to create a printable label from this film. Over a 2 year period he built a coating line in St. Paul and started to produce polyester label stock.

    In the 1960’s and 1970’s architects and engineers used applique film to apply title blocks and repetition to their drawings. This applique film was a thin matte acetate film with adhesive and a paper release liner. The most common imaging methods were screen printing, offset printing, and letter press printing. The market leader at that time was Stanpat Products of New York which is now a Rayven brand.

    With Xerox’s invention of the toner based plain paper copier in the 1960’s a new quick and inexpensive imaging method was created. An engineer that knew Mr. Ingalls had tried the Stanpat applique product in the Xerox machine with disastrous results. The acetate film was not capable of handling the fusing temperature of the copier and melted inside the machine. He said that if someone could develop an applique film that could withstand the heat of the copier it would be a great product.

    Using his experience with polyester films along with extensive research into the toner chemistry and fusing temperature of the new copier, Mr. Ingalls created the "ReproFilm" product. This was the first applique or clear label film for copiers and laser printers. The initial offering was a Matte Coated 1 Mil Polyester sheet, with Solvent based Adhesive and a Paper Release Liner (Type 310).

    Due to stability and curl issues with paper, "ReproFilm" changed to developing Polyester Release Liners. Market needs also pointed to Clear Glossy and Opaque White Film versions of the product. Various sizes were made to accommodate American as well as metric copiers.

    In the 1980’s Rayven Inc. expanded it’s manufacturing plant with larger warehouse addition and a new R & D Lab. Rayven Inc. began selling release liners as a separate product line and production of protective over-laminating films were started.

    In the 1990’s Rayven Inc. began an expansion of it’s coating capacity and capabilities. New coating chemistries were developed in both the imaging, adhesive and release coating markets. Coating lines were widened to address volume needs, and new slitting and sheeting upgrades were made.

    In the 2000s’ Rayven Inc. added a Wide web (72") High speed Coating Line with UV curing capabilities. Coating technology improved as well with the addition of a slot die coating head for surface coatings and adhesives.

    In 2010 Rayven Inc. began production at its Second factory located in Owatonna, Minnesota.

    In 2015 Rayven Inc. added 2 Custom Designed Hot Melt coating machines for Specialized tape production to the St. Paul facility. In a move to increase slitting capacity the company installed a 72" wide 2 Drum Paper Slitter in our Owatonna, Minnesota facility.

    In 2016 Rayven added a New 64" Wide High speed Thermal Coating line to its Owatonna, Minnesota facility. This new coating line has 2 Cartridge Coating stations, Backside printing and Remoistening capabilities and allows it to coat 100 percent Solids Chemistries.

    In 2017 Rayven Inc. received a patent (US9,539,797) for its novel Transfer Tape construction and method of manufacture. Additionally, a third High speed Center Winding Slitter was added to the Owatonna, Minnesota facility.

    In 2018 Rayven Inc. adds an Additional 66" wide Thermal coating line in its Owatonna facility. This brings the total number of coating lines at this facility up to (3) three. The NEW line will be focused on surface coatings for the Packaging industry.

    In 2019 Rayven Inc. adds an Automated Sleeve Storage System to its Owatonna facility as well as an additional Titan Film Slitter (Rayven’s 3rd Titan slitter).

    In 2020 Rayven Inc. upgraded & modernized our 54” coating line in Saint Paul. These changes add the latest technology to the coating line for both increased capacity and efficiency.