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  • Rayven has a long history of coating pressure sensitive adhesives. Early on, the initial products produced by Rayven were pressure sensitive metalized polyester films and adhesive drafting films. (Click Here for More information on the history of Rayven inc.). Today, Rayven offers many custom Pressure sensitive adhesive constructions. We have a wide number of coating chemistries and application technologies that can be utilized to tailor the optimum adhesive solution for our customers.

    Rayven offers a wide range of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive coated products:

    > > Self Adhesive Label Materials
    Custom – self adhesive label materials from Rayven utilize a wide range of face materials, adhesives, and release liners. Our technical staff will develop label stocks specifically for your application so that performance and cost are balanced to yield the optimum solution.
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    > > Self Adhesive Tapes - Custom
    Rayven can custom manufacture self adhesive tapes using a variety of substrates and pressure sensitive adhesives. The tapes can be made self wound OR with our custom release liners. Tapes can be supplied slit to a wide range of widths and lengths. Contact our sales department to discuss your application.
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    > > ReproFilm
    Rayven Reprofilm is time and labor saving product that is a self adhesive polyester drafting applique film. This unique adhesive film can be imaged with a copier OR laser printer and applied to technical drawings or designs. Contact our sales department to discuss your application.
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    > > Zone & Pattern Adhesives Coating
    Through various methods, we offers zone coating of pressure sensitive adhesives coated in zones ( or stripes) down the web. Other options include pattern coating, where a repetitive pattern of adhesive is applied to the substrate using direct gravure techniques. Contact our sales department to discuss your application.
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    > > Hot Melt - Adhesive
    Hot Melt is a 100% Solid adhesive that is heated to temperatures above its melting point and then applied to a substrate or release liner. These types of adhesives are solvent free, so that NO chemical solvents or water has to be removed to cure the adhesive.

    Hot melt adhesives can be applied directly to the substrate OR coated onto the release liner and then nipped to the substrate (transfer coating). Contact our Sales department to discuss your application.
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    > > Transfer Tapes & Adhesives
    Rayven manufactures custom Transfer adhesives, sometimes called Transfer Tapes. These adhesives are coated on one (self wound) OR two release liners. Various liner and adhesive combinations can be offered that are only limited by our customers needs and imaginations. We also manufacture release liners so we can tailor the liner to your specific application.

    Scrim layers can be added to the center of the adhesive for structural support or to add tensile strength to the adhesive layer. Scrims available from Rayven include open mesh square and tri-axial laid PET scrims, non-woven fabrics and various plastic films.Contact our sales department to discuss your application
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    > > Fiber Reinforced Tape - Bag Sealing
    Rayven utilizes our patent technology to produce large traverse (spool) wound rolls of fiber reinforced tape (FRT). These tapes feature an extended film liner along with a fiber reinforced stripes of pressure sensitive adhesive. Contact our sales department to discuss your application.
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