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    Rayven is a Specialty coater and Converter of Release liners. We offer Silicone coated release films, Silicone coated release papers, and Non-silicone coated release liners. Offering a high degree of customization with reasonable quantity order sizes, yet our high speed production can also yield economical large quantity runs.


    Rayven's primary focus is silicone coated plastic films. Rayven also coat papers,poly coated papers, and fabrics.

    Having the ability to coat thin plastic films DOWN to approximately 48 gauge (12um). Thick materials can be accommodated UP to 25 Mils (635um).

    Our Common Substrates include:

    • Polyester (Polyethylene terephthalate - PET) Liner: deliver a more robust platform than other liner technologies. A tough, strong, and stiff plastic film. This film has a relatively high melting point. It is commonly available on as clear glossy film, but it is also offered in hazy and matte versions. (PET) Liners offering a wide application range, many adhesive options and a choice of face materials (paper, film, thermal and foil).

    • Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP): Thermoplastic film that is cast and then stretched in both directions (biaxially). Biaxial orientation increases strength and clarity. The resulting film is rigid, glossy and hard. Due to its advantages, this film has become very popular and is a highly regarded film used across the globe.

    • High density polyethylene (HDPE): does designate the general physical properties of the film. The high densities varieties are typically are stiffer and harder. If you’re looking for a cost-effective, environmentally responsible material, HDPE may be the plastic for you.

    • Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE): is used mainly in film applications for both packaging and non-packaging applications. The low density varieties are typically soft and pliable. LDPE is the oldest and most mature of the polyethylenes (PE). It is characterised by its short and long chain branching which gives it good clarity and process ability although it does not have the strength properties of the other PEs.

    • Cast Polypropylene: Cast PP, cPP a flexible film with good clarity. Not as stiff as BOPP. It is offered in colors as well as clear, and can be embossed with a wide variety of patterns.
    • Metalized-PET: film is suitable, for example, in packaging technology as a direct replacement for aluminum foil. For the same film thickness, PET met is characterized by a higher tensile strength and flexural rigidity such that the composite material produced by vaporization of the metal is not as wrinkled as aluminum foil.
    • Metalized-BOPP: Film layers may consist of a mix of polymers and functional additives that adjust barrier properties, opacity, whiteness, matting or gloss, thus controlling film properties, and therefore defining the range of available film products. In addition to co-extrusion, both or one of the film surfaces may be corona- or flame- treated to activate them and make suitable for printing and lamination.
    • Poly-coated paper: The distinct polyethylene coating that helps protect against water, oil and grease can be applied to various types of paper, from white and natural kraft papers, to linerboard, and more. Depending on the use, this coating can be added to one or both sides of the paper.
    • Plastic(Poly)coated linerboard:Plastic-coated paper is a coated or laminated composite material made of paper or paperboard with a plastic layer or treatment on a surface.
    • Specialty papers:
    • Polystyrene film: Clear rigid, low temperture tolerance, can be thermoformed. The same plastic is used to make styrofoam.


    Rayven a competitive manufacturer and supplier of silicone release liners.
    We utilize 3-coating lines that are dedicated to silicone release coating. We have been silicone coating for over 40 years and have developed many Superior Release Products. Rayven's release products range from very light release papers to very thick and tough paper release liners. On the release film side; we work with all ranges of films including (Silicone coated polyester, Silicone coated polypropylene and Silicone coated polyethylene).

    Rayven also Coat styrene and PVC (vinyl) release liners. All of our coating lines feature Corona treatment & Flexographic printing. Release liners can be printed on the back side, the front side under the silicone. Rayven offers numerous Polyester and BOPP Release Films that are printed and slit to narrow widths.


    Rayven's Three (3) of our Five (5) coating lines are dedicated exclusively to release coating. These lines have widths of 60" and 72". The St Paul, Minnesota facility has a 60" silicone coater, while our Owatonna, Minnesota Facility has 2-coaters with 72" width capabilities. Rayven can supply coated jumbo rolls of release liners directly off the coating line, with or without edge trimming.

    For SMALLER ROLLS: Rayven has 9-Slitters as well as traverse winding equipment that can handle webs from 72" and slit down to ¼". Rayven often supplies narrow slit release liners in pancake or traverse wound rolls for industrial, sanitary, envelope and packaging applications.


    Rayven can supply coatings on both sides of the web. These coatings can be silicone, non-silicone, printing, slip, traction, flood coated white (or colors), laser print receptive, or anti-static. It is also possible to combine the coatings. Typical example of this would be printing with release coating over the print of it.


    Rayven offers single color backside printing and coating. Both of our silicone coating lines are equipped with flexographic printing a stations.


    Rayven does offer a wide variety of release chemistries in order to provide solutions for most applications. Standard release formulations are available for a wide variety of applications, and custom blends can be offered as needed. Rayven has the equipment to coat both Solvent AND Aqueous silicones with thermal curing, PLUS 100% solids silicone with UV curing. Both cationic and free radical UV release chemistries can be cured. The company's proprietary non-silicone release coatings are available for applications that must be silicone free. Contact our sales department to discuss your application.