Highly Durable Soft Matte Films

Thin Clear Protective Laminate for Flexible Packaging
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  • Highly Durable Soft Matte Films
    Rayven Inc. produces matte films for the flexible packaging market. These films are typically used as protective laminate in flexible packaging constructions.” remove the word "food".

    These highly durable films can be wet laminated onto existing print,
    OR reverse printed prior to lamination.

    The current offering includes 3 Matte Surfaces; Standard matte, Soft matte and Premium soft matte.

    The most common substrate is "48ga Polyester film (12 micron PET)", yet other film types and thicknesses can be coated. In addition; a finite range of "COF" and Haze levels can be accommodated. Various web widths can be supplied for both wide web & narrow web presses. Sustainable options are available, including post-consumer recycled (PCR) polyester film as well as a recyclable MDO-PE base film for fully recyclable pouches.

    Popular markets for Premium Soft Matte Flex-Pack include:

    • Pet Food — Polyethylene bag will cater to dry pet-food applications.
    • Pet Treat Packaging
    • Coffee — Ground or Whole Beans
    • Cereals & Granola
    • Snack Foods
    • Flex-Pack Candy Pouches

    Please contact us for a Film Sample OR Complete pouch sample.