Rayven Release Testing

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Rayven Microscope
Common test of a release liner or tape is called a peel test. This test involves the peeling of a test sample at a set speed and angle. The apparatus measures the force needed to peel the sample. The output of the test is the amount of force (grams are the typical units), average force, and peak force.
Some of our release testing machines will give us graphical output plots.

The testing of release liners utilizes a standard test tape. Rayven commonly use Tessa 7475 tape (lot number controlled) as Rayven's standard test tape. For accurate release testing with unique adhesives, we can apply and test the customers actual adhesive or test tape.

Rayven utilize the following Peel Testing Apparatus:

Shear properties of adhesives can be evaluated with shear testing tool. Rayven also uses a PSTC unit for this test.

Color and Gloss Testing
In many coatings color and gloss are very important. This is especially true with inkjet coatings. Rayven test these characteristics with the following tools: Coating Thickness Testing
Thick coatings such as adhesives and inkjet coatings are tested with TMI 49-70 digital measurement tools. Silicone release coatings are measured via X-Ray scanners from Spectro/ASOMA and Oxford Instruments. Rayven also has multiple Oxford Lab-X 3500 XRF analyzers for discrete sample testing. Coating thickness measurements are available for every roll produced by Rayven.

View the Oxford Instruments site.
Lab-X 3500 - Download the datasheet of LAB-X3500

Other Testing Apparatus:
  • Viscosity - Brookfield
  • pH - Orion 420A
  • Stiffness - Teledyne 150B, Taber V-5
  • Friction - Kayeness
  • Static charge - ETS
  • Weight - Various