Release Liner Values

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Rayven - Silicone Release Liners
Rayven offers many different release chemistries. Rayven will match the chemistry to the application in order to yield the desired release performance. Substrate compatibility and heat resistance are also considered when choosing a silicone release coating.

The general categories of silicone release coatings that Rayven uses are thermal curing and UV curing. Within the categories Rayven has a number of silicone resins and carriers. The carriers can be solvent, water, or 100% solids where no carrier is needed. Rayven is not limited to only one category of silicone, Rayven can offer a broad selection of release solutions to our customers.

The Release value of a system is measured as a peel value. Rayven can tailor a release system to meet a customer specified range or we can supply release liners that falls into Rayven standard release ranges. These ranges are as follows:

Standard Release Range*
* Rayven test method 002a (RTM-002a), which utilizes a 180 degree peel of an acrylic test tape at 300ipm.
  • Premium 10-50 grams
  • Easy 20-80 grams
  • Medium 50-170 grams
  • Tight 150-300 grams
  • Extra Tight 200-400 grams
In many cases a standard test tape will not correlate to a specific adhesive. In these cases Rayven can build a testing program based on our customers actual adhesive (wet or dry) or unique test tape.

For more information concerning release ranges and the variables that are involved please visit our release range page.